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Philosophy of Care

There Are Many Paths to Recovery

Substance use disorders and mental disorders are frequently chronic in nature and affect all aspects of a person’s life. Treatment for these disorders must be realistic, multidimensional in scope, individualized, and accepting of each patient’s motivation for change. Eagleville Hospital believes in treatment that is easily accessible, capable of addressing complex medical and emotional needs, and resourceful in establishing community supports for ongoing care.

Eagleville Hospital embraces a Biopsychosocial model of care. This model is supported by the fundamental belief that there is at least one identifiable cause or influencing factor associated with abuse and addiction to substances and mental illness. These factors include: biological predispositions, physiological dependence on substances, and psychological and social facets that negatively impact an individual’s ability to achieve wellbeing and sustain recovery. With a holistic approach to care, Eagleville employs addictionologists, psychiatrists, nurses, counselors, and adjunctive therapists who seek to address these issues in a comprehensive manner.

Eagleville offers a broad range of Inpatient treatment services. Treatment addresses patients’ physiological dependence through providing medically monitored and medically supervised detoxification, while preparing the patient for the next state of the recovery process. Rehabilitation programs provide individual, group and family counseling. Motivational Enhancement strategies are utilized to engage the patient in all stages of treatment. Psychiatric evaluation and monitoring are essential for those with co-occurring disorders. When clinically appropriate, under guidance by a physician, treatment at Eagleville affords the opportunity to select medication-assisted treatment as part of an individual’s recovery plan.

Eagleville Hospital supports a Recovery Oriented System of Care and is an integral part of the larger health care and recovery community delivering care and supportive services for persons in recovery. Core to this broad philosophy is creation of an environment that instills hope and recognizes that there are many paths to recovery. Effective treatment must be individualized and based on the uniqueness of each individual’s life experience, recovery capital, and personal preferences. Recovery plans must be realistic, and created and shared in a continuum of patient-centered care, where the person’s own choices about the types of supports most needed to sustain recovery in the community are reflected, and achievement of goals can be celebrated.