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Banding Together: Music Performance Ensemble at Eagleville Hospital

It’s been long understood that humans respond deeply to music. Hearing a song can reach primitive areas of the human brain that aren’t accessible through words alone and even impact our motor and nervous systems.

It should come as no surprise that the same is true of music we make ourselves with our instruments, our hands, our voices. Performing music in treatment is less common than using pre-recorded music, but it’s believed to offer similar benefits for individuals facing mental health and substance use disorders. For instance, playing an instrument or singing can decrease stress and anxiety and improve self-image, self-esteem, and self-expression.

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In the key of recovery: Music appreciation therapy at Eagleville

Even if you can’t tell right away, listening to music—a jingle, a lullaby, a ballad—has a profound impact on the brain.

That may not be accidental. Many historians believe that prehistoric music—usually created just with the voice—allowed our distant ancestors to “talk” before language was invented. Communication led to cooperation, and cooperation to tribes and societies.

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Chocolate & Saint Valentine’s Day!

As we come upon this day of love and we begin to desire something chocolatey, consider choosing dark chocolate for its many known health benefits!

Dark chocolate has higher levels of flavonoids than other chocolates. Flavonoids support heart health by reducing the risk of cardiovascular events, stroke and high blood pressure.

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How Does Our Garden Grow? Cultivating A Therapeutic Gardening Program

Humans have long understood nature’s therapeutic effects on our mental and emotional health. As early as the 19th century, gardening has been used as a treatment for people with mental health difficulties.
In recent years, gardening programs have sprouted up in addiction and mental health treatment facilities all around the world. The treatment has also been studied under a variety of names, including ecotherapy, green therapy, nature-assisted therapy, and horticultural therapy.

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Medication-Assisted Therapy at Eagleville Hospital

Using medication to treat opioid addiction is nothing new. Since the late 1960s, addiction specialists have offered medications to patients who are physiologically dependent on opioids.

This treatment approach is called medication-assisted therapy, or MAT. The goal of MAT is to keep someone who is addicted to opioids from continuing to use heroin, narcotics, or other drugs by managing withdrawal and cravings.

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Mike Denczi Found His Second Family at Eagleville Hospital

Mike Denczi remembers not fitting in as a child. A self-described “red-headed, freckle-faced, slightly overweight kid,” his one outlet was sports. Then drugs and alcohol beckoned at age 13, and by high school he was getting high every day.
“By high school my life revolved around getting high,” he says. “I managed to graduate in a decent spot in my class, and I played sports throughout high school. I stayed out of trouble, so there were no consequences for my behavior. I kept doing it.”

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Surviving and thriving during the holiday season

The end of each year is marked by celebrations, family gatherings and seasonal festivities.
But for the 24 million Americans who face a drug or alcohol use disorder—and their families—holidays can be a difficult time. Tension, anxiety, and reconnection with unhealthy habits and relationships are especially common in November and December.

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Annual Gratitude Meeting

We invite all to join in our Annual Gratitude Meeting on Thursday November 27, 2017. We will be hosting an Open Mic to share what we are most grateful for in our lives. We hope you can join us!

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Eagleville Hospital Has Revamped its Three Official Social Media Accounts

As part of our ongoing effort to engage with alumni, family, staff and the surrounding community, Eagleville Hospital has revamped its three official social media accounts. We’re excited to announce a brand-new Facebook page and a revitalized presence on Twitter and Instagram @EaglevilleHospital.

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Alumni & Family Event

Coming together and celebrating our successes is an important piece of recovery from addiction and mental health. We would like to celebrate our alumni and family and invite them back to campus where we can share a meal, hear from speakers and reunite with our Friends of Eagleville. Eagleville would not be who we are without our alumni and family members and we would like to show our appreciation and support of all your hard work. Hearing about your powerful experiences shares a message of hope for our current patients and staff. At Eagleville, we are so looking forward to reconnecting with familiar faces and hearing about your journey since leaving these doors. September is National Recovery month and within our campus we will be completing different recovery-oriented activities with our patients in support of this effort. We would love to end the month by bringing back our alumni and family and continuing to strengthen our community.

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