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Bill White’s Reflections on Eagleville Hospital’s 50th Anniversary in Addiction Treatment

No addictions field existed in the early 1970s. There was an “alcoholism field” and a “drug abuse field,” each viewing the other with considerable suspicion and condescension. The separation in the two fields, which on the surface reflected a difference in drug choice, also reflected deep generational differences and differences in ethnicity and social class.

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Spotlight on Counseling Services

Denise Kitson, LCSW, joined the Eagleville team in January of 2015 as Director of Counseling Services. Denise brings twenty years’ expertise in leading clinical teams, most recently as Director of Inpatient Clinical Services at Park Royal Hospital, in Fort Myers, FL, where she was known for her innovative thinking and for setting high standards for herself and those around her—all with an easygoing style and sense of humor that puts patients and colleagues at ease.

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Eagleville Hospital Announces New Logo and Website

Eagleville Hospital is excited to publish its new logo and website today, Tuesday June 21st, 2016. Rebranding comes at an appropriate time as Eagleville prepares to celebrate its 50th year of behavioral health care to the community and the community’s need for our care is at an all-time high with the alarming opioid epidemic.

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