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Eagleville Hospital Announces New Logo and Website

Eagleville Hospital is excited to publish its new logo and website today, Tuesday June 21st, 2016. Rebranding comes at an appropriate time as Eagleville prepares to celebrate its 50th year of behavioral health care to the community and the community’s need for our care is at an all-time high with the alarming opioid epidemic.

This project represents the collaborative effort of many department leaders and the Board working over the past few months to modernize our look and send the appropriate message to many more who now use the Internet for selecting health care services. Sharon Harris, chair of the board of directors, led the effort noting “We’ve had cutting-edge treatment and medical record technology for many years now. It was time to upgrade our Internet presence to advanced technology and to recognize that many different audiences prefer to rely upon the web to get to know our organization – patients, families, referring agents, payers, prospective employees, student interns, former staff and patients, volunteers, donors, and others who are sympathetic to our mission or curious about Eagleville. Pulling together information for many audiences and organizing it in a manner that is easy for different viewers to use required the combined efforts of many people across many departments at Eagleville.”

One of the participating members of the redesign team, Richard Mitchell, chief information and security officer, expressed his enthusiasm for the creation of the new web site and rebranding. “Eagleville Hospital’s new web site and logo is exciting for me, as it is a public pronouncement of our private institution’s assertive approach to utilizing technology and best practices in a patient-centered behavioral health environment. With our rebranding, this new website focuses on quality information for our patients and their families, and I know it will convey knowledge that is important to someone seeking behavioral health treatment for themselves or a friend.”

Eagleville Hospital’s new logo, shown below, depicts a hand supporting a circle with two arcs accompanied by three words: Believe, Recover, Thrive. Chelsea Lenz, director of intake and admissions, describes the logo well. “The circle represents being whole. The hand represents our compassion and strength. The hand both generates and supports the arcs. The arcs are in a state of change, and are progressing toward becoming whole- toward thriving. The colors progress toward the full, saturated color of the circle.”

Believe. Recover. Thrive.

The new tagline selected, by the team, is a set of independent and strong action words: “Believe. Recover. Thrive.” Because recovery requires a lot of action and a lot of hard work, the words were chosen as strong in their own right but more meaningful when taken together. “Recovery is not necessarily a straight path – each person has a unique story. But these three words form a linear progression toward the goal. We believe that all people can recover, and thrive,” said Chelsea.

The new web site is very mobile friendly, and provides an easy platform for Eagleville Hospital to convey our mission to our customers, and answer online many questions they may have regarding the services we provide. Maureen Pollock, CEO, complimented the website development team and our consultant group for building a site that “is accessible and appealing to both millennials and our older adult population by providing important, accurate information about Eagleville at the fingertips of our patients and their family members. We know that the problems we see every day at Eagleville affect all age groups.”

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