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Eagleville Hospital Expands Family Seminar

As part of its ongoing efforts to improve outcomes for its patients in treatment, Eagleville Hospital has redesigned and improved its family education program to inform families of patients at Eagleville about addiction and recovery. This hour and a half program is mandatory for families wishing to visit loved ones during their stay at Eagleville Hospital. It provides families with the opportunity to gain a deeper understanding of addiction and can have a significant impact on the recovery process. Using data rich information, this presentation is an introduction to not only Eagleville Hospital, but also explains addiction in a way that is clear and helps families to better understand what the patients are experiencing.

This new and expanded program is a key part of the treatment process for patients. As Denise Kitson, Director of Counseling Services at Eagleville Hospital, explains, the previous introduction was a short program that touched on mainly housekeeping rules such as use of cell phones. “Addiction is a family disease. We saw an opportunity to improve the services to families in need of education about addiction and mental health issues. By expanding this service, we are better meeting the needs of our patients and their families.” This Family Seminar is an opportunity to reach families before patients have completed their rehab and brings families directly into the recovery process.

This program is divided into three parts: understanding the disease of addiction, understanding the recovery process and providing support tools to maximize success. Through clear use of statistics, families understand that addiction is not a weakness or lack of control, but rather a disease with genetic roots that are affected by a person’s environment and life experiences. This Family Seminar also shows the importance of 12-step programs and how they work. In addition, families learn how synthetic agents can be used to replace opiates. Families leave the program with real life tools and concrete solutions to potential problems they may encounter once patients leave rehab and begin the recovery process.

Eagleville Hospital is one of the leaders in treating co-occurring disorders. Co-occurring is when two or more disorders occur in the same person. Eagleville recognizes that treating mental health issues is an important component in the recovery process. Eagleville teaches families that mental health disorders have a direct impact on addiction. Identifying and evaluating these disorders and tailoring behavioral therapies provides patients the opportunity for lasting recovery. Seeing the broader picture allows families to gain understanding and be able to offer support to their loved ones.

Statistics have proven that without solid supports, relapse is almost inevitable. This program gives clear and direct support on how families can be an integral part of the recovery process. Part of this program is learning about how to recognize the stages of an impending relapse. With family intervention, patients are more likely to stay on track with their recovery progress and live more productive and healthy lives.

Family Seminar is required for all new visitors prior to the patient’s first visit on weekends. Meet in the Commons Room of Building 9 (D’Arclay) at 11:45am on the day of your first visit. Please arrive 10 minutes early. Visits will follow at 1:30pm to 3:30pm. NO CHILDREN UNDER THE AGE OF 18 will be permitted at the Family Seminar due to the content of the material being discussed during this session. Visiting information can be found at