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Meet Cathy Bolton, Eagleville’s Chief Quality and Clinical Integration Officer

As Eagleville Hospital’s Chief Quality and Clinical Integration Officer, Cathy Bolton oversees staff performance enhancement that crosses every department within the hospital.

“Eagleville is committed to continuously improving the quality of its patients’ experience and their safety. There are always opportunities for innovation and plenty of people interested in being involved,” Bolton says. “My greatest challenge is prioritizing the opportunities.”

Bolton organizes her department around three primary responsibilities: patient safety, patient advocacy, and quality performance improvement. The crux of her work involves collaborating with the hospital’s counselors, nurses, physicians, and leaders to develop and implement improvement initiatives. Case in point: Bolton recently administered the hospital’s first employee survey on quality and safety, which will likely shape her focus for the coming months.

“The staff’s input and feedback is incredibly valuable because they are the people directly interacting with our patients every day. “Challenging situations will emerge, and to work on improving them we need to know what they are,” Bolton says, “That’s why we seek direct input. It is vital for our hospital’s evolution.”

Bolton began her career as an analyst in her home state of Alabama. She holds a bachelor’s degree in mathematics and computer science from Samford University, as well as a Masters in Human Services Psychology from LaSalle University. She also holds a PhD in clinical psychology from Drexel University, where she previously taught both personality & counseling theories, as well as data analysis and statistics in Drexel’s department of psychology.

Bolton previously served as Director of Quality, Analytics, and Research & Evaluation for Community Behavioral Health, a nonprofit organization contracted by the City of Philadelphia to provide mental health and substance abuse services for the city’s 450,000-plus Medicaid recipients. She helped develop over 60 performance measures across 16 levels of care during her nine-year tenure.

She has also served as Director of Performance Improvement for Friends Hospital, and Director of Quality Improvement for Penn-Friends Behavioral Health Services.