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Susan Fink Appointed Director of Development for Eagleville Foundation

Over the course of her career, Susan Fink has generated more than $50 million for philanthropic missions and led several organizations through creating effective fundraising and brand-building campaigns.

Now, she is bringing that experience to Eagleville Hospital as the new Director of Development for the Eagleville Foundation. She was appointed to this position in October.

In this new role, Susan will build the Foundation’s efforts to increase Eagleville’s name recognition within the region.

“It’s critical that our neighbors and community-at-large know who we are, so they can learn what their support of Eagleville Hospital means,” she says. “Eagleville is a unique place that provides help to people who need it most. We have a lot to be proud of. Growing our visibility and sharing our message will be integral to moving our philanthropic mission forward. Creating the infrastructure that will facilitate this work is my most important task.”

Missions that Susan has served have empowered under-represented women, the homeless, hungry, and unemployed, hospital patients, and large global populations displaced due to conflict and natural disaster. She has also trained global board of directors and staff in fundraising, branding and communications.

When it comes to development and fundraising, Susan describes herself as having a “fearless and bold” approach: “I raise money and grow business by building and maintaining trust, having strong ethics, being strategic and having goals, asking the right questions, and by encouraging the same among my colleagues and team. I love what I do because the people and the mission we serve matter.”

Susan’s background was once in mental health – from providing residential treatment to running a sub-acute psychiatric unit for adolescents. She sees her new position at Eagleville as her career coming full circle.

“I’m a fundraising strategist with an international business background and experience as a clinician,” she says. “My hope is to draw on the best practices from the entirety of my background in support of Eagleville’s mission, and I am excited to dig in.”

Susan lives in Bryn Mawr with her husband and their English Labrador, Darby.

A Message from Susan Fink

We are beginning to develop the work of the Foundation and we want to invite you on the journey. First, we will define our unique voice. By engaging you, our staff, our volunteers, the people we serve and the community-at-large, we will begin to build that voice. Just like our mission, our voice will be powerful and inspired. Yes, we work to help people with substance use and mental health disorders. But what do we stand for?

Eagleville serves the underserved and we are the best at it. Knowing what sets Eagleville apart and strengthening the Foundation’s voice will enhance all of our work. Ultimately, we will raise more awareness and support when we begin by connecting to the people who care about what we do.

Read the words below from a current resident. They are alive with emotion and the desire to live and be well.

“I entered Eagleville hospital thinking I would give it a chance. What did I have to lose? What I found here, I’ve been searching for my entire life to find. ME. Who I truly am. During this journey I found my place in the world. I found healing and peace. I have a treatment team that has shown me understanding and how to regain control. Never, ever, did I think I would see this day. I have learned how to kick against the bottom, break the surface, and breathe again. I have life. I hope you have it too.” – Lauren wrote this on Nov 28, 2018

By listening to the perceptions of our audiences—patient, staff and the community— we will ignite the work of the Foundation. The key will be to translate the nuts and bolts of what we do into powerful communication tools.