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About Us

Excellence In Recovery

Eagleville Hospital is a 305-bed, independent, non-profit addictions and behavioral health treatment and educational organization. We are located on a beautifully wooded 40-acre campus in Montgomery County, Pennsylvania, with easy access to highways and the Southeastern Pennsylvania area, including Philadelphia. We staff physicians, nurses, and psychiatrists, who, along with therapists, social workers and addictions counselors, provide premium, integrated care customized to adults of all ages who want to thrive.

Eagleville is the only area hospital to offer levels of care ranging from acute psychiatric hospitalization to specialty hospitalization to residential care for treating addiction, co-occurring, and mental health disorders. When a patient has both mental health issues, including acute psychiatric disorders, and substance use disorders, we treat all issues simultaneously. We provide a complete spectrum of integrated care options, 24/7.

Beyond this, our facilities are a training destination for the next generation of behavioral health specialists who will help shape the future of recovery in our communities. Furthermore, Eagleville has done its best to meet community needs for over 100 years, treating stigmatized diseases and providing care to those who might not otherwise be able to seek or afford treatment. For the last 50 years, we have been a pioneer in behavioral health treatment.

We work to keep up-to-date in many areas. We use evidenced-based treatment programs. We are working with medication assisted treatment. We are one of the first behavioral health organizations to use an electronic medical record system.

Eagleville Hospital is accredited by The Joint Commission (TJC), which nationally recognizes organizations of excellence who are committed to meeting high performance standards and providing safe and effective care of the highest quality and value.

Friends of Eagleville

Friends of Eagleville is a community of current and former staff, former patients, and anyone else who wants to celebrate recovery, who stay connected to each other and the work we do at Eagleville Hospital. Hearing about the successes and struggles of Eagleville Hospital Alumni is a powerful...
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Philosophy of Care

Substance use, mental health, and co-occurring disorders are chronic illnesses, and difficult to face alone. They are complex diseases that are caused by a combination of biological, psychosocial and environmental factors...
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Financial Assistance Program

Eagleville Hospital will assist patients in obtaining health insurance coverage or any other funding available from privately and publically funded sources whenever appropriate....
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Since its inception over a century ago, Eagleville has remained true to a mission of treating stigmatized diseases that affect all of society, consistently focusing on patients who are underserved. Throughout the years, belief in this mission...
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Price Transparency – Charge Master

Price Transparency at Eagleville Hospital CHARGE MASTER As of January 1, 2019, the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS) has required that all hospitals post a comprehensive, online list of charges for services and goods that the hospital provides to its patient. The list, also known as...
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Leadership Team

Gene Ott has a demonstrated record of success as an effective senior executive leader with over 25 years of progressive healthcare experience in the areas of finance and operations. His previous experience includes roles as Associate Hospital Director / Vice President of Operations at several East...
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Board of Directors

Eagleville Foundation Board of Directors...
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Vision, Mission, Values

Eagleville Hospital will be recognized as a unique Center of Excellence for treatment of substance use, co-occurring, and psychiatric disorders...
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Eagleville Partners Licensing Agencies. Pennsylvania Dept. of Health. The Department of Health has touched every citizen in all parts of the Commonwealth...
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