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About Us

Treating addiction calls for a holistic, multifaceted approach, and Eagleville is a pioneer.

Eagleville is the region’s only program outside of Philadelphia to offer treatment-supporting levels of care ranging from acute psychiatric hospitalization to specialty hospitalization to residential care for treating substance use, co-occurring, and mental health disorders. Our unique spectrum of integrated care ensures that patients receive individualized evidence-based treatment. Eagleville’s 24/7 staff and specialists include psychiatrists, physicians, advanced practice professionals, psychologists, nurses, counselors, masters level clinicians, social workers, and case managers who recognize that substance abuse and mental health issues are complex and demand individualized and coordinated care. Therapy methods include using innovative, evidence-based practices such as motivational interviewing, interactive journaling trauma informed care, transtheoretical model of change, and cognitive behavioral therapy. Patients must have personal recovery roadmaps to help them achieve long-term success. We encourage our patients to stay after undergoing detox and transition into residential programs with intensive counseling and educational, creative, and recreational therapies. At Eagleville, we strive to create an environment that instills hope and recognizes that there are many paths to recovery. Effective treatment must be based on the uniqueness of each individual’s life experience, recovery capital, and personal preferences. Recovery plans must be realistic, and created and shared in a continuum of patient-centered care, where the person’s own choices about the types of support most needed to sustain recovery in the community are reflected, and achievement of personal goals can be celebrated. We offer a range of case management support services services to advance recover efforts for patients after their inpatient stay. Our case management team develops plans with patients that focus on finding the individualized supports to sustain recovery, such as:
  • warm handoff for outpatient, medical or psychiatric treatment
  • safe and sober housing
  • peer support groups through a Certified Recovery Specialist
  • 12-step recovery-based programs
  • job training and placement
Eagleville’s inpatient treatment services address physiological dependence through providing medically monitored and medically supervised detoxification. Everyone’s path to recovery will look different. Eagleville’s rehabilitation programs provide individual, group and family counseling, as well as a broad range of mental health services and medication-assisted treatment.