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At Eagleville, we believe that we can help people on a path to recovery from addiction and mental health disorders. Although addiction and mental health disorders are powerful illnesses that can take control of lives, destroy careers, and damage families and communities, we believe that it does not have to be that way. If you, or a loved one, are in the throes of addiction and feel isolated, know that you do not have to be alone. At Eagleville Hospital, our professional staff stands ready to help people, regardless of their life circumstances, to move successfully towards a lifetime of recovery. Central to Eagleville’s mission is the commitment to serve anyone needing help, including the uninsured, unemployed, and working poor.

Eagleville has been a pioneer in behavioral health care for more than 50 years. Get to know us by exploring our website. In particular, explore the Programs section to understand the programs and services we offer, and discover why we believe that all people can recover, and thrive.

Where to Look

If you are:

  • In need of our services for yourself or a family member, explore the Programs section of this website to see what we offer and contact the Admissions office at 800-255-2019 if you believe we can help.
  • A referring agent or payor, explore the Programs section of this website to see what we offer and contact the Admissions office at 800-255-2019 if you believe we can help.
  • A prospective employee or intern, explore the Careers section of this website.
  • Interested in continuing education, explore the Education and Training section of this website.
  • A current or former staff member, former patient, or anyone else who wants to celebrate recovery, explore the Friends of Eagleville page.
  • A prospective volunteer, explore the Volunteer page.
  • A prospective donor, explore the Giving section of this website.

GET HELP NOW / Call 1.800.255.2019

In the key of recovery: Music appreciation therapy at Eagleville

Even if you can’t tell right away, listening to music—a jingle, a lullaby, a ballad—has a profound impact on the brain. That may not be accidental. Many historians believe that prehistoric music—usually created just with the voice—allowed our distant ancestors to “talk” before...
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Chocolate & Saint Valentine’s Day!

As we come upon this day of love and we begin to desire something chocolatey, consider choosing dark chocolate for its many known health benefits! Dark chocolate has higher levels of flavonoids than other chocolates. Flavonoids support heart health by reducing the risk of cardiovascular events...
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How Does Our Garden Grow? Cultivating A Therapeutic Gardening Program

Humans have long understood nature’s therapeutic effects on our mental and emotional health. As early as the 19th century, gardening has been used as a treatment for people with mental health difficulties. In recent years, gardening programs have sprouted up in addiction and mental health...
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