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Believe. Recover. Thrive.

At Eagleville, we believe that we can help people on a path to recovery from addiction and mental health disorders. Although addiction and mental health disorders are powerful illnesses that can take control of lives, destroy careers, and damage families and communities, we believe that it does not have to be that way. If you, or a loved one, are in the throes of addiction and feel isolated, know that you do not have to be alone. At Eagleville Hospital, our professional staff stands ready to help people, regardless of their life circumstances, to move successfully towards a lifetime of recovery. Central to Eagleville’s mission is the commitment to serve anyone needing help, including the uninsured, unemployed, and working poor.

Eagleville has been a pioneer in behavioral health care for more than 50 years. Get to know us by exploring our website. In particular, explore the Programs section to understand the programs and services we offer, and discover why we believe that all people can recover, and thrive.

Where to Look

If you are:

  • In need of our services for yourself or a family member, explore the Programs section of this website to see what we offer and contact the Admissions office at 800-255-2019 if you believe we can help.
  • A referring agent or payor, explore the Programs section of this website to see what we offer and contact the Admissions office at 800-255-2019 if you believe we can help.
  • A prospective employee or intern, explore the Careers section of this website.
  • Interested in continuing education, explore the Education and Training section of this website.
  • A current or former staff member, former patient, or anyone else who wants to celebrate recovery, explore the Friends of Eagleville page.
  • A prospective volunteer, explore the Volunteer page.
  • A prospective donor, explore the Giving section of this website.

GET HELP NOW / Call 1.800.255.2019

Q&A with a Therapist: Life in Recovery

Therapist Charles Clark plays a key role in helping people successfully transition from Eagleville Hospital back to the community. He also works with the Family Seminar, an education program designed to inform patients’ family members about addiction and recovery...
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Veronica Slack is Holding Tight to the Best Gift She Has Ever Received: the Gift of Recovery

Almost from her first memory, Veronica Slack’s life was in total upheaval. Abused by her mother, abused and molested by an older brother, she started drinking at five. “My mother made me her drinking buddy. She gave me alcohol and took me to bars with her while my brothers and sisters were at...
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Banding Together: Music Performance Ensemble at Eagleville Hospital

It’s been long understood that humans respond deeply to music. Hearing a song can reach primitive areas of the human brain that aren’t accessible through words alone and even impact our motor and nervous systems. It should come as no surprise that the same is true of music we make ourselves...
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