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To say that social networking platforms have become an integral part of any modern day company or organization, would be a massive understatement. These outlets can provide great outreach, allowing for an increased awareness on the day-to- day happenings of any organization. In particular, Twitter has grown in recent years making it one of the top social media apps. It has proved to be a valuable asset to just about every organization in existence, or at least those which desire to remain on the cutting edge of communication with the consumer. An active Twitter account is an easy and fast way to provide current information to an important base of followers.

This interactive structure with social media can be advantageous to the field of behavioral health as well, and Eagleville Hospital is stepping to the forefront. With our revamped Twitter page, former patients and their families, staff, supporters of the hospital, and industry peers will have easy access to current news from Eagleville Hospital administration. It is a concerted effort to connect to the world of behavioral health in a consistent, technologically relevant manner. By using Twitter as a streamlined communication tool, Eagleville is making all of its news and announcements instantly accessible to anybody who is interested. It’s all there on Twitter, one central hub for any update or announcement concerning the hospital. Not only will those in the immediate circle see the posts, but so will other entities involved in behavioral health. It renders all happenings at Eagleville completely transparent to anybody who wants to know. All it takes is the simple click of the “Follow” button to gain access.

Ultimately, it’s just another way to keep everyone in the loop, utilizing one of the most reliable platforms available today. The field of behavioral health is ever-changing, and there have been many recent developments within the Eagleville system to keep pace with the advancement of treatments available to our patients. There is no better way to get your fill of the latest from Eagleville, and what is going on. We invite you to re-connect to us, and remain informed. The Twitter page, @EaglevilleHosp, is the place to stay connected to the top behavioral health treatment facility in the region.