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Meet Eagleville’s New Patient Advocate

Meet Eagleville’s New Patient Advocate

Emily Masslofsky was recently named Eagleville Hospital’s Patient and Family Advocate. In her new role, she’ll be working directly with patients, resolving any grievances and ensuring that they’re provided with everything they need in their recovery. She’ll also assist in updating services in response to the patient satisfaction surveys.

Emily’s been a fixture at Eagleville since the end of 2011. Over that time, she’s worked as a float therapist, a staff therapist and most recently as a case manager.

“I know how the floors operate,” she says. “And when I worked as a float therapist, I spent time in almost every department in the hospital. Having that direct patient-care experience has been a great asset, especially now, in my new role. I’m better equipped to find solutions that appease both the patients and the hospital.”

An extrovert by nature, Emily says her experience at Eagleville has taught her to utilize her communication skills and seek out previously unexplored channels to remedy complex issues. And, above all, “be flexible to the needs of the community.”

One day, she may meet with 10 patients and another day just one. Either way, Emily says, she’s committed to dedicating the time and attention that each deserves. There are no one-size-fits-all resolutions””or even too many that can be carried over from one patient to the next.

Prior to arriving at Eagleville, Emily worked in a behavioral health outpatient facility. She quickly grew to appreciate the inpatient program at Eagleville because of the daily interaction it afforded her with the patients.

“Their progress is inspiring,” she says, and it became even more acute while she worked as a case manager, where she was responsible for providing them with the tools and resources for their continuing recovery.

Emily earned an associate’s degree in human services from Montgomery County Community College and a bachelor’s degree in organized behavior and applied psychology from Albright College. She’s currently working toward a master’s degree in health administration from Capella University.